Lehle Sunday Drive SW II

Lehle Sunday Drive SW II


• High-end preamp, buffer and booster
• Discrete Class A input stage
• 130 dB dynamic range thanks to 30 V technology
• Choose between two sound modes
• Neutral, studio quality sound
• Switchable boost up to +18 dB
• Choose between Buffer and True-Bypass operation
• Balanced output can be used as a DI box

The LEHLE SUNDAY DRIVER SW II is a compact high-end preamp for all types of electric and acoustic instruments - a preamp for electric and acoustic guitars and basses, not to mention other stringed instruments (such as violins, cellos and double basses) to realize their full musical potential. The switchable version expands on the classic LEHLE SUNDAY DRIVER II with a soft-touch foot switch, to activate and deactivate the pedal.
The LEHLE-Switch works with a microcontroller and an intelligent True-Bypass-Relay-Circuit with active pop suppression circuit, thereby allowing the LEHLE SUNDAY DRIVER SW II to switch even faster than mechanical switches, noise-free and without wear.


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