Duesenberg Z-Tuner Open Modern

Duesenberg Z-Tuner Open Modern


The open Duesenberg Z-Tuner is the ideal upgrade for all who want a classic look but do not want to miss the advantages of modern technology. The mechanics can replace the previous standard mechanics without modifications, runs absolutely gently and offers optimal seat and tuning stability due to the modern screw-on sleeves.

Moreover, it is lighter than closed mechanics and thanks to our Z-tuner construction eliminates protruding sharp string ends on the head plate.

For 10mm bore, ratio 1:18. The special feature of our Z-Tuners is the through-hole, which makes stringing easy.

The string is slightly shortened, then inserted from the front into the bore, tightened and tuned.

No more tedious threading, no risk of injury due to pointed string ends on the head plate.

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