Duesenberg "LittleToaster" mini-humbucker

Duesenberg "LittleToaster" mini-humbucker

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The Alnico mini-humbucker for guitarists, who are more like single coils. The "LittleToaster" trumps with its open sound and the almost acoustically pearling Treble parts, which are usually neither known by normal humbuckers nor by so-called mini-humbuckers.

In addition, the "LittleToaster" has the dimensions of old Hofner pickups (66mm x 31.5mm) and can thus revive guitars of this brand new life. The supplied black plastic frame has exactly the outside dimensions of a standard humbucker frame.

Thus, the pickup without modifications can replace a different pickup in humbucker format. The "LittleToaster" is used with us in various models.

Finally, he found the way into the hands of the legendary Eagles guitarist, Joe Walsh, who wanted to have him installed in his Alliance model.

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