Duesenberg "Domino" P90

Duesenberg "Domino" P90

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The first and genuine P90 in humbucker format - Dynamic P90 variations have a tradition with us. The Domino is the goal of our long journey to make a real P90 in humbucker format.

As early as the 1970s, Dieter Golsdorf began to develop a pickup that would deliver the legendary tonal qualities of a grown P90 but still fit into a regular humbucker's case.

The "Domino" is an extremely dynamic, open and exact interpretation of a washable P90 pickup. In the neck position of several of our series instruments, he provides a buttery counterpart to the classic "Grand Vintage" humbucker for the Duesenberg-typical variety in tone, response and dynamics.

Open nickel silver cap 2-core connection cable

Mounting frame not included

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