Duesenberg Multibender

Duesenberg Multibender


The Duesenberg Multibender pedalboard for your electric guitar The Multibender is our special bridge for producing pedalsteel effects on a normal electric guitar. Behind the individually adjustable string runners and a deflection pulley are two levers on one axle, each raising or lowering a single string by exactly one or two halftones (depending on how the string was hooked).

We set up the levers for the G- and the H-string.

You can, however, push the levers behind any string.

The system can also be extended by additional levers.

However, we recommend that you do not mount more than three levers, as it will become too bulky.

But whoever likes it, can do it anyway. If you would like to experience the Multibender now in action, we recommend to search for "Martin Huch Multibender" at Youtube.

Martin Huch has developed the prototype of the multiblender and dominates the part like no other.

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