Duesenberg Steel Saddle Piezo Bridge

Duesenberg Steel Saddle Piezo Bridge


The Duesenberg Steel Saddle Piezo Bridge is the ideal replacement for those who want to retrofit their Duesenberg guitar with a piezo pickup. The bridge consists of two parts.

The upper part corresponds in shape and handling to the Duesenberg Steel Saddle Radius Bridge.

A piezo pickup is integrated into the lower part.

The piezo signal can easily be mixed with a magneto-pickup by means of a potentiometer or a switch.

The Piezo Bridge is approx. 1.5mm higher than the regular Steel Saddle Radius Bridge.

Scope of delivery: M4 studs, Duesenberg 3-step knurled screws, mounting sleeves and piezo pickup.

Caution: The installation requirement of manual adjustments to the instrument. We recommend you go to your professional guitar builder in any case.

Note: The connection of this piezo bridge used by us in the Starplayer TV Plus is not designed as a simulation of an acoustic guitar by a separate cable output.We recommend using a professional guitar builder for such a use.

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