Nik Huber Guitars was founded by Nik Huber in 1996, as a carry-on of a family tradition of more than 100 years old. The company has since grown steadily to a team of now five highly skilled specialists. The guitar craftsmen are building around 120 high quality, unique and specialist instruments per year, and distributing globally. All guitars are very particularly hand-crafted.

Founder, Nik Huber says, "basically, what we do, is to turn beautiful pieces of wood into excellent guitars. As easy as it sounds, this process requires not only a reasonable amount of experience. It is also a never ending story of mishaps, dead-end-streets and tiny little pieces of metal that won't fit into their tiny little holes. Generally speaking, building fine instruments can be a very bumpy ride. On the other hand: this is the fun part, too."

"Building guitars with your own hands, as good as possible and beyond, is nothing a career counsellor suggests in high-school. At least not a responsible-minded one. Guitarmaking is more a calling than a profession. It can be addictive. It has to be, in a certain way. But it is not about 'more, more'. Our constant craving is better, better, better", Nik states.

""We have never heard of any well-known guitar-company that was founded with the words: "Okay, let's go. Let's build some mediocre guitars and knock it off early." Everybody we know, who managed to build great guitars, is realised by his craftsmanship, his focus on his work, his effort and the number of nights per week his wife spends alone in front of the TV."

Nik says, "The bottom line is: sorry Honey, but we try very hard."


In 1896 a heritage of woodworking expertise was born to proud parent Nikolaus Huber in a small village in Southern Bavaria. Today Nikolaus Huber IV carries that expertise forward in the form of exquisite guitars. More than a 100 years of gathering knowledge and passing it on from one generation to the next makes a remarkable difference in a fast paced world like today’s.

Since the first reveal at the 'Frankfurt Musik Messe' in 1997, Nik Huber Guitars gained a worldwide reputation as a notable manufacturer of high-class electric-guitars. In 1999 the expanding company moved to a fully, state-of-the-art equipped workshop in a commercial estate in its hometown, Rodgau, 20km south of Frankfurt in Germany.


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Nik Huber Guitars

We import Nik Huber guitars for wholesale and private clients, and currently do not list any for sale on our site, due to the demand. Please make an enquiry here, and also be sure to visit the Nik Huber website to see the product range. We can supply any of the products you see on their site.

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