Guitars from Hannover, Germany

Duesenberg instruments combine the guitar-design and character of the golden-era of the 50’s and 60’s with modern attributes. They provide superb playability and functionality combined with a sound that is somewhat familiar but distinct enough to stand out of the crowd of copies and mass fabricated products.


German-Made Guitars

Sandberg is a leading German guitar manufacturer, with a philosophy towards continuous innovation as well as experimentation with unusual shapes and materials. The company strives to always be developing and improving all critical details such as function, materials, sound and finish. 



German-Made Guitars

Founded by Nik Huber in 1996, as a carry-on of a family tradition of more than 100 years old. The company has since grown steadily to a team of now five highly skilled specialists who are building 120+ high quality, unique and specialist instruments per year, and distributing globally. All guitars are very particularly hand-crafted.

Parts and Accessories

Göldo supply some of the world's highest quality and sought-after instrument parts and accessories - everything from pedals to cables, to genuine brand electronic and aesthetic components. We proudly import and distribute an extensive catalog of the Göldo range.



Genuine Parts and Accessories

We import and stock a huge range of the popular Göldo parts and accessories, as well as genuine parts and accessories for the Duesenberg, Sandberg and Nik Huber guitars we provide. Wholesale is available to registered clients only - you must have an account to make an order. Please contact for more details.

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